This Ukrainian Photographer Has The PurrFect Lens For All Furry Things

A special love to our furry mates!

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Ukrainian photographer Sergey Polyushko is based in Kiev and though his bio reads interior and architectural photographer, he has certain affinity towards furry creatures. He has clicked some real breathtaking pictures of cats walking stealthily, their sly green eyes, some squirrels playing in the snow and some ducks and their antics in the water! The photographer is socially well recognized and has over 40K followers on Instagram. Ace photographers will also understand the cleverness of his camera with some classy shots taken at odd angles.

Check out these captivating animal portraits which are as exotic as they can get!

One more nut please!

Pussy cat is moving to London, eh?


I am all set!

90 Degree Cool

Catch me if you can!



The Omen?

Is it Christmas already?

Whatt da hell, You scared me!

Upside down!

Eternal nut love!

I don’t kiss and tell.

Sun Kissed!


Hey! Whatcha lookin’ at?

All the animal lovers, this one was especially for you!

Images sourced from: instagram


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