This Lucky Artist Can See The World 100 Times Better And Her Paintings Are A Visual Treat

An Australian artist is the only confirmed tetrachromat in the world! Our human eye is packed with millions of cone shaped cells that allow for color.

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An Australian artist is the only confirmed tetrachromat in the world! Our human eye is packed with millions of cone shaped cells that allow for color to be perceived. For those with normal vision, there are three types of cones that allow vision of about one million distinctive colors. But the animal species including birds, insects, fish and reptiles have a fourth type of cone cell that extends color perception into the UV range.

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Although, evolution has scrubbed that fourth cone from the mammalian lineage, there is evidence that a small group of humans may have a genetic variant that allows for tetrochromacy! So a tetrachromat would be able to see roughly 100 times more than the average human!!

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Concetta told,” It’s shocking to me how little color people are seeing. My color vision allows me to see very subtle color variations, differentiations that normal vision cannot perceive. My natural visual world is breathtaking. The world is so vibrant and stimulating to my eyes, allowing me to paint what I see, what I love the most, and what I live. The beauty I surround myself with is my daily muse.”

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In December 2012, Dr. Jay Neitz, a world-renowned leader in the field of color vision, discovered Concetta was a “Tetrachromat,” someone possessing an incredible genetic gift. Tetrachromats have four color receptors in their eyes instead of the usual three. This “super vision” allow me to see up to 100 million colors – 100 times those with regular vision!

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It’s believed only 2-3% of the world’s population has this gift, and of those, far fewer are professional artists.

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The fact she is the only person who sees the world totally differently maker amazingly lucky. When she looks at a leaf, “Around the edge I’ll see orange or red or purple in the shadow; whereas normal people see only dark green but she sees violet, turquoise, blue,” she told. It’s like a mosaic of color!

Source: alchetron

Then Concetta decided to show the world how it looked from her eyes and started making paintings!!!

All her paintings are insanely colorful and feature shades one wouldn’t expect to see because it’s the fact that we may never be able to see the world the way she does!

Some of her paintings are:


Source: concettaantico

Source: popsci

Source: commongroundaustralia

She is the perfect example for telling, “Isn’t life colorful”??

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