This Italian Artist Has A Strange Way Of Looking At Things And His Art Says It All

The portfolio named ‘Improbability’ created by artist Giuseppe Colarussowill leave you spellbound

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Giuseppe Colarusso is one heck of a talented artist who has made some of the everyday objects totally unusable! He has created a portfolio named ‘Improbability’ in which he tries to create objects that are crossing the boundaries of reality. Giuseppe likes to describe them as ‘unlikely, but not impossible’.

Be it the one framed glasses, noodles served in an ice cream cone or 3D magnifying glass, his artwork is uncomfortable yet eye-catching. Take a look at his art below!

1. Specially designed spoons for people who are on diet

2. If only Umbridge from Harry Potter was this tech-savvy

3. Night vision glasses?

4. Watch shit getting really big!

5. Popatlal’s (from Taarak Mehta ka ooltah chashmah) OCD taken to a next level

6. You will just have to slurp these noodles.

7. Try making rotis with these

8. Beer for bros!

9. For those with need for speed!

10. Maintaining waist size would be so easy!

Image source: pinterest

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