This Is The Truth Behind Arjun Tendulkar And Pranav Dhanawade’s Viral Messages On Social Media

A message is going viral that says Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun Tendulkar has been selected in under-16Compared to that Pranav Dhanawade.

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A message is going viral that says Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun Tendulkar has been selected in under-16 despite the fact that in a game against north zone, he was clean bowled at 0 as well as in 12 overs, gave 52 runs. Compared to that Pranav Dhanawade who recently scored a record breaking 1009 runs in a local game in just 323 balls isn't selected in the team.


These are just statistics, but you won’t believe the truth behind this viral message:

Pranav scored 1009 runs in the month of January during Thane district’s inter-school tournament for which he was awarded scholarship by Mumbai Cricket Association and Sachin too met him in his home. In fact, when father of Pranav, Prashant Dhanawade, was asked about the message, he confirmed that it’s utterly wrong since selection of Arjun had been done earlier when his son had not even made the towering score of 1000 plus.

Arjun is an all rounder whereas, Pranav is a wicket keeper. Arjun had been selected for the team based on his performance in
Trophy when in a match on 27th November, he scored a century along with taking 4 wickets while Pranav didn’t play in the tournament and that’s Payyadewhy, he wasn’t selected. Thus, the story or message which is getting viral on social media is totally wrong.


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