This Guy Quit Job To Convert An Old Van Into Home To Travel The World

Mike Hudson quit his job for a life filled with adventure and travel

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We all have a dream to drop everything and travel the whole world, but not everyone has the courage to let go of the familiar job, home and routine to go bravely into the unknown.

But this young man Mike Hudson, from England, made that dream a reality in 2013, when he quit his job as a systems engineer, gave away most of his worldly possessions, and began the enormous project of converting a 10-year-old van into a home on wheels called Vandog.

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The old van that hudson had bought on eBay required 5 months of painstaking work before it was turned into a comfortable, cozy companion equipped with all the worldly pleasures.

Opening the van doors reveal a beautiful interior of timber fitted with an extendable bed, a large hammock, a work desk area, speakers, a fridge/freezer, a gas burner and sink, a shower and toilet, a pressurized water system with hot water and LED lighting that uses electricity generated from solar panels on top of the van. Gas is stored in an LPG cylinder that can be refilled cheaply at petrol stations.

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After completing working on his van in March 2014, Hudson has since travelled through Spain, Portugal, Romania, France, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria and more, plus several music festivals and even spent Christmas with his family when they travelled to Athens, Greece to meet up with him. As of January 2015, he's still on the road, hoping to travel to Morocco in the future.

The 25-year-old traveler shows no signs of slowing down his adventure, as he wishes to continue experiencing all that life has to offer from the comfort of his wonderful, mobile home.

Check out the images of his awesome vandog

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