This Barber Has Proven To Be A Boon For Balding Men!

The Guy Is A Genius!

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You can't go on Twitter or Instagram without coming across clips of actresses pouting or guys with bulging biceps posing in their gym shorts, or even vice versa. Also kittens. But every now and then, you'll happen upon a clip where you actually learn something.

This is precisely what the following clip is all about. Grabbing your attention!



The name of this hair wizard is Ali Alhashemi, a Detroit-based barber who doesn't just give a good chop; the man appears to doll out follicle-saving haircuts for his customers.

Upon probing about the unbelievably well done job on the balding guy's head, he said the following:

In my city, no one can do what I do. But first, I trimmed the hair down. When you leave it long, it actually leaves room to see spacing between the hair and shows the scalp. Then I added a little bit of color application or dye on the hair and even some on his scalp, which obviously doesn't bring his hair back, but his scalp isn't showing as much. The process last about two to two-and-a-half weeks, and it's important to maintain the short hair because if the hair is too long it will start to move around and you'll see the dye on the scalp.

Needless to say, the guy getting the haircut was in tears after the process.

Ali started out this particular fashion of cutting hair with a customer who was undergoing chemotherapy and was afraid that he'd lose all his hair soon.

After this noble deed, word spread soon and Ali created his Instagram and Facebook pages which helped him sky-rocket his business.

He also wishes to work more on refining his technique so that he can help more and more quickly.

God bless this guy!

Title Image Source: GQ

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