This Artist Makes The Most Uncomfortable And Frustrating Of The Products Ever Possible

There's an art in everything!

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This artist, The Uncomfortable, creates the most frustrating of the products imaginable. The pessimistic, amusing designs will not only make you feel uncomfortable and nauseated, but will also make you scream ‘Arghh!’ seeing the destruction of fundamental objective of the products. These funny, painful illustrations of your everyday use products will make you hail the imagination and curse the unproductivity! So Reacho selected these products just to infuriate and astonish you. Here we go, enjoy:






















Images sourced from: Facebook

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RiYa Chawla (WRITER)

Riya Chawla, is currently pursuing Literature and Psychology from Nagpur. Being a vehement writer and an avid reader, she longs to bring complexities to an end and help commas become inverted.