15 Things You Need To Get Rid Off To Be 2018-Ready

‘tis the season to let go of things that have held you back, cluttered your mind and space!

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‘Tis the season to be jolly!

With 2017 ending, ‘tis also the season to let go off things that have held you back, cluttered your mind and space. While the holiday season with friends and family help you de-clutter and relax emotionally, it’s high time we clean up the space around us. Most of these things are things of no-use that we’ve simply accumulated, knowing-unknowingly.

Here’s a little list that you can start with!

1) The old emails sitting in your inbox since ages.

 Source: technobuzz

Okay, you should definitely let it go! They’ve been around for more than Bieber’s career span so far!

2) The scrunchy that has lost all its elasticity.

 Source: common.wikipedia

C’mon, they’re not even things that are pretty anymore!

3) Those recorded TV shows.

 Source: wondershare

If you’ve not watched them in six months, there’s a chance you’d never watch them. Delete!

4) Mascara that clumps.

 Source: redapplelipstick

Jeez! Why do you even have it in the first place! Get rid of it now.

5) Cups & wine glasses that are chipped.

 Source: cambridgeincolor

Don’t we all wish our pretty wine glasses be unbreakable? But no can happen, right? So might as well ditch the chipped ones and buy a new set!

6) Old contact numbers on your phone.

 Source: solveyourtech

We’ve all got at least 20 contact numbers that we can do away with. Let’s do away with them!

7) School and college books.

 Source: mtholyoke

Some of us hoard up all those books thinking we’d need them sometime in life. But the truth is, internet solves most of our problems. So let’s donate them and make space, shall we?

8) Your pets’ old toys.

 Source: inheritedvalues

They’re chewed up to their last bit and nothing much has probably remained of it. If nothing, one less thing to trip over every morning!

9) Old clothes.

 Source: gaijinpot

Dumping ‘em will leave you with more space in the cupboard and donating them will make it a better Christmas for someone.

10) Old bills, ATM receipts etc.

 Source: cetmacargo

Is your wallet/bag bulky not because of a wad of cash but because of old bills or ATM receipts? Then you’re absolutely not wallet-ready to enter 2018. Period.

11) Useless screenshots.

 Source: stitchit

Admit it, we all have these in abundance. But convos that are irrelevant do not need those screenshot for support. Delete, maybe?

12) Old Perfume bottles.

 Source: pinterest

Yeah most of us keep the bottles until their last drop of spritz. If nothing, then maybe for the fact that the bottle has an attractive shape. But really, the use be nil. End result: Discard.

13) Pictures of you and your ex.

 Source: threebelowthree

You don’t need any more proofs of what’s no longer with you. So light a bonfire and toss ‘em. Kuch toh kaam aayenge!

14) The apps you never use.

 Source: wikihow

We always complain that we need more space. How about taking a tiny step of making some space in your phone by chucking those useless apps? Sounds good? Hell yeah!

15) Headphones and earphones that work only one side.

 Source: youtube

It’s a heartbreaking moment when your headphones go dysfunctional from one side. But as much as you grieve over it, there’s nothing you can do about is. Abandon and get yourself a new set as a new year present!

The thought of getting rid of all these in itself is refreshing! How about getting started with actually making it happen?

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