Things You Experienced Only If You Ever Lived In A Hostel

Hostel life has always been the most wonderful phase of everyone’s life.Here we have listed down 10 things which every hosteller must have experienced.

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Hostel life has always been the most wonderful phase of everyone’s life. It’s first step towards a life that you would lead without having your parents shelter and support. The way young pups grows and to the point they leave can be directly personified to this. This is the main reason why hostel becomes the best one for everyone. It’s the time when people learn to live with themselves on their own.


Here we have listed down 10 things which every hosteller must have experienced.

1. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

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As soon as you enter hostel, the protective shield of parents break down and the life opens new doors. You start taking gamut of things; don multiple hats which you would have never thought of back home. And, suddenly you find yourself as self-dependent.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S forever

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Here you make a friend for everything. Friend you bunk classes with, friends for those crazy outings, friend that you can talk to, Special kind of friends you flirt with and so on. Friendships built inside walls of classroom are more towards academics but friendships of hostel are more towards life. Exchange of wardrobe, suttas, life secrets, stories of crushes are just bridges building the bonds stronger. That simply lasts forever.

Freedom is not Free

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The sense of openness comes alive at hostel; newly achieved freedom also instills the sense of responsibility. Right from making personal choices to taking decision which will shape your future path, everything on your own!

And, the party begins!

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You don’t need a reason to party. All it begins with ‘forever empty tummies’ and ends up with empty pockets. At hostel, constraints like time and space simply boils down when the word ‘Party’ echoes in the air. No matter of which batch or age you are, you all are equal when you are partying.

Game of Thrones @ 3am

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YES! At 3 a.m, you can enjoy the Game of Thrones fearlessly.

Maggi Nights

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You can get tired, if you watched an entire season of GoT in one night (sarcasm), with the setting soon your tummy begins to sing. Time to fill that up so it won’t whine. You lookout for option that satisfy your hunger and boost your energy for next episode. All it boils down to our very own, one and only “2-minute Maggi”.

Gratitude for Parents

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Every now and then, gratitude for your parents floods your heart. You start appreciating every WhatsApp messages related to parents. Seriously, it is at this moment you realize the importance of family.

Mess food vs Mom’s food

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For realizing what’s the best, you have to first taste the worst. And, that who lives in a hostel knows about the quality of mess food very well. It makes you grow nostalgic about Home-made food that mom makes. This sudden realization comes to us because of mess. Thanks for making us realize the true value of ‘ Mom ke Haath ka Khana’

Sabse bada Rupaiyya!

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Hostel life helps you discover the money manager within you. The way you micro manage the money sent by parents will go on to become an enviable skill even for financial managers. Financial maturity comes at real fast pace to people who have experienced life at a hostel.

Once a Hosteller, always a hosteller

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Last but not the least if you can live in a hostel, you can live anywhere, till your parents keep sending you money! :p. You discover your new self, well-acquainted to your strengths and weaknesses, and almost, ready to rock the world.

Did we miss anything? Share your unique experiences in comments.

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