25 Things That Will Make Every Low-Maintenance Girl Go ‘Hell Yeah!’

A lil secret: Guys actually dig low maintenance ladies! *wink-wink*

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There are some women who will always make sure they’re every inch perfectly dressed. The liner is winged just right, the clothes are crisp ironed, the perfume wafting off till 5 feet, hair just where needed, manicure – French, wax – Brazilian, lingerie – matching and the list just doesn’t stop!

And then there’s the specie of low-maintenance woman! Looking at my LM ladies, here’s a look at the checklist:

1. You browse through make-up & hair tutorial videos online, but after seeing how long it actually takes, drop the idea of trying it.

2. Can’t decide what to wear? You sniff your already worn clothes, simply because– if it doesn’t smell, it's still smelling.

3. You use dry shampoo/talcum powder drizzles more than regular shampoo.

4. You’ve definitely, quite more than once, left the house in the clothes you’ve slept in.

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5. Your pillows are stained with some kajal or a little lipstick because you never washed your makeup off of last night.

6. Your sneaker shoelaces are always tied and you just slide them on when you wear them because you just can’t be bothered with that kinda jazz.

7. You most definitely have “chair-drobe” in your room.

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8. You don’t own a laundry bag, the floor has got it “covered” for you.

9. You love to look through Pinterest and all those fashion bloggers for cute outfits, but you don’t have the energy to shop for those things.

10. You usually get along with everybody who meets you because you’re so easy-going.

11. You don’t have the energy for drama.

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12. You don’t really care to have your boyfriend shower you with lavish gifts – you’d rather him bring you home a Chinese takeaway.

13. You’re not really a brand-hag. It’s something like just one black one and one brown one you use ’til they wear out.

14. You wear the same jewelry every single day. Or not at all!

15. You would rather be comfortable with what you’re wearing rather than look hawt/sexy/cute.


forever kinda mood.

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16. Messy buns are an actual hairstyle you’d go out in.

17. You have zero problems leaving the house without makeup.

18. You spend a lot of time in bed.

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19. You’ve barely got anything in your bag and often leave it at home because you don’t need much of it.

20. Your mom/bae/bestie always complains you always wear “the same color, the same thing.”

21. Shopping for an event gives you anxiety because you hate fancy stuff.

22. You’re not picky about anything.

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23. People always tell you they admire your “care-free attitude.”

24. You’re never the one to fuss about food at home or at that dinner night with the girlies.

25. Minimal clothing is something you swear by!

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