These Videos Prove Why Huskies Are Some Of The Most Adorable Beings!

If you are a dog lover check out funny moments captured in camera.This will make you completely adorable and worth of sharing.

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Anyone who’s ever owned a dog knows that apart from being adorable, dogs can, well, be very alike us!

They get angry, have mood swings, are extremely affectionate but can also get super-stubborn at times.

Take for instance Huskies. They’re one of the fiercest breeds of dogs, ever. They’re fast and are used for sports like sled-racing. They’re also used in areas around North Pole like Siberia, Alaska, et al as scout dogs. Supremely loyal and caring, they can be extremely dangerous for their foes. But there’s another side to them which is only just coming to prominence. They’re also extremely adorable stubborn pets. Don’t believe us? Let these videos be proof to this statement.


2. Saying “NO” to the kennel like a boss!

3. Mishka is not pleased. And she only wants her mommy.

4. I am a baby too!

5. I want to take a bath. Right now!

6. You don’t talk back to me, Human!

7. That’s my chicken you’re having.

8. Wake up already!

9. What is that thing?

10. Erm. You wanna go out for a rat-date or something?

Title image: Wallpoper

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