Admit It, These Things From Old Cartoons Have Made Our Childhood Awesome

hings that made our childhood truly awesome were cartoons.Safe to say cartoons were the highlights of our day and the one thing that every kid discussed.

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Things that made our childhood truly awesome were cartoons.They were the one thing we all used to get up early for. Missing out on them meant missing out on the most important thing of the day. It was the one thing that held the power of making and breaking your day. Safe to say cartoons were the highlights of our day and the one thing that every kid in the neighbourhood discussed.

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The best things about these cartoons were the gimmicks and the cliche things that we all knew are going to happen but when they would happen, we all used to laugh anyway.

Everything is inflatable

Balloons, cars, truck tyers, another person, literally everything was inflatable.

Love meant seeing hearts

If you could see hearts and your heart tries to come out of your body only to be ripped apart then you knew it was love and what ladies did after that was truly more hilarious.

Flirting toons

The ladies sure as hell knew to add fuel to the fire making things worse for the poor male toons. This usually was followed by them doing stupid things and ladies making them look like complete idiots.

Protruding eyes

This meant that the toon is F***king scared off something, which would usually be because of the beat down by the baddie.

The quake

When the ground quaked, expect things to be blown out of their place into the space.

This meant war

When the screen shrunk, the eyes contracted and the hero spoke in a bold voice, that meant one and only one thing, WAR!

Free Running

Head leaned back, chest out and legs becoming a wheel or in some cases they stay as it is. This was the sign of somebody making the run for it, apparently just like Edd in the gif. We don’t know where and from whom.

Good ol courage

Who taught us what being scared sh*tless truly looked like.

Gravity what is that?

You run for an hour or for the whole day, but if you failed to acknowledge the existence of gravity you won’t fall anyway. If you did then that is your fault and now you have to pay for it.


Mess with the bull and you will get the lawn mower?

The one that wants your ass

Imagine the dog becoming a part of the human centipede.

Did we miss out on anything? Tell us which one you liked the most!

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Author: Ayank Chourasia

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