Beauty With Games: These Hot Professional Gamer Girls Are Destroying All Sterotypes

Check the list of following gamers that actually exist winning multiple tournaments.Yes! They exist. Don’t bother calling them hot or leaving text messages.

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Yes! They exist. Not in millions, agreed, but they do. Don’t bother calling them hot or leaving text messages because they are going to ignore you. The Reason for that is gaming. These ladies are too busy playing their favourite games and winning tournaments. Some of them even enjoy cosplaying. These gamer girls are breaking stereotypes one by one.

Source: Vrworld

They are serious gamers, they love it and no, their boyfriends did not teach them anything. They are champions in their own right and now the gaming community is gravitating towards them.

1. Aphrodite (StarCraft 2)

Source: teamliquid

Are you familiar with the world of StarCraft 2? If you are, then this one girl you should never ever mess with in a game. She is not only going to destroy you, but she will also humiliate you. She is simply that good. She has won major StarCraft 2, female only tournament, Zowie Divina in 2011. She was the underdog there but she went to tactical-nuke everyone out of it. It takes legit skills to call a nuke in StarCraft 2, anyone who can do it in a tourney is a true professional gamer although she loves blasting her foes with battlecruisers!

2. Kaitlyn Richelle (StarCraft 2)


The new Zerg queen, master of Infestation who has got the looks and the insane IQ for both gaming and real life. Kaitlyn is a model for gamer girls, a living example of girls who can game and beat the male population at it. Even though Kaitlyn has a degree in engineering and the looks of a supermodel, her love and career  in gaming and the level of dedication she possesses, is truly remarkable.

3. Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn  (StarCraft 2)


Starcraft 2 is not an easy game at all, its learning curve is huge and it requires mental skill of an unprecedented scale. But the ladies continue to stun! Our lady Sasha here has become a total master of the game. She is a Zerg queen and her presence is enough to instill fear in the hearts of her foes. She is skilled enough to devour her opponents whole because that’s how Zerg players roll.

4. Vanessa Arteaga


Dead or alive, she is going to keep on gaming. What a puntastic statement for a player who excels at a game called Dead or Alive 4! Vanessa is mind bogglingly beautiful and the kind of things she can do in DOA truly speaks for her mental prowess. She is one gamer who loves playing PVP battle games and has won many tournaments over the years. She has even pocketed $20,000 as her winnings!

5.  Katherine “Mystik” Gunn

Source: alux

She may strike you as a model or someone in showbiz but guys that’s not what she is. Katherine is a professional gamer who has won over a hundred thousand dollars up till now and is the richest female gamer girl there is. She used to play DOA and she was considered as one of the best players of it. She then quickly switched to Halo reach and won the biggest prize pool tournament in that game, earning her the jackpot.

6.  Sarah “Sarah Lou” Harrison


She looks like the dream that every gamer has. Sarah is straight up that gamer girl who can not only make the hottest girl in your neighbourhood jealous but she can also beat the crap the out of the nerdiest gamer guy in the block. Hailing from England, Sarah is the only British origin gamer who secured a top spot in the professional gaming scene. She is a talented DOA player and has also won a tournament with a prize pool of $50,000.

7. Alice “Ali” Lew

Source: sk-gaming

Don’t let her cute face fool you for a second because she is ruthless at gaming. She is a true professional of old school Counter Strike. She has participated in over 5 tournaments and has won around $80,000 in hard cash. Alice plays for the SK gaming team.

Titleimage Source: patrickscottpatterson

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