These Little Boys Were Asked To Slap A Girl And Their Reaction Will Give You Chills

A message from the little ones.

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In a nation where age doesn't count for the crime, where anything a female does is considered as she's ‘asking for it’ and where justice is just a hope in the hearts of the relatives, women discrimination and women objection is perpetually pursued. Women, being victims, are withheld as guilty. Chivalry is rare. Instead of teaching men ‘what not to do’, women are thaught ‘what to wear’ and ‘how to behave’.

Six young boys from the age of 5 to 13 were interviewed by a YouTube channel and they were asked to slap a girl and this is how the video unfolds :

To bring about a change, inculcate such values and virtues within the young ones. Then, and only then, will the female lot of our nation feel safe and secured.

Title image: Youtube

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RiYa Chawla (WRITER)

Riya Chawla, is currently pursuing Literature and Psychology from Nagpur. Being a vehement writer and an avid reader, she longs to bring complexities to an end and help commas become inverted.