Explaining Social Issues in a Not-So-Preachy Way: These Hard Hitting Videos By Daniel Fernandes Will Tell You All!

Telling the tale in through an unlikely medium.

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India has seen an upsurge in the number of standup comedians with Canvas Laugh Club and That Club in the metro cities and each of them has a style of his own. Daniel Fernandes mostly plans his gigs by targeting various social issues which shackle India even today. And though we keep talking about them all the time, there has been no improvement in the way people think or by the way the things get done her. But this funny man has made quite an appreciable attempt to bring focus to some issues that burn the country and the world at large!

The Death Penalty

Yakub Menon, Dhananjay Chatterjee, Kasab and Afzal Guru immediately come to mind. Death penalty to be abolished or not has been a constant debate in this country since forever. Here, Daniel Fernandes takes a dig at all the things that are wrong in India when it comes to capital punishment.

Student Suicide

They have written books about it. They have made movies about it. They make their news bulletins and headlines about it. What they don’t do is change the mindset and the pressures that students have to deal with in a country where marks and societal statuses are paramount.

The Freedom to Offend

Another debate which sparks out every now and then is TO SPEAK OR NOT TO SPEAK. A nation which boasts about a lot of freedom to its citizens is actually a hypocrite behind the back!

The Syria Issue

Pain and agony is not new to the people of this war stricken land but the first world has turned a blind eye to their cries and the funny man tells us why the world is going to the dogs!

Syria (Part 1)

Syria (Part 2)

Clean India Campaign

Of governments and schemes, of ministers and policies, of change makers and ideas… and an apathetic audience.. The pros and cons of the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan!


He is a feminist and a proud one. In this he explains the exact holdings of the newly feared F word, and his outlook is worth an applause!

Marital Rape

He brings out a topic which is still taboo in most Indian households and voices his opinion in a bang on way trying hard to tell the society that it finally needs to do away with chauvinistic patriarchy!

But hey hey! Its not always this preachy so, you can watch his other funny videos which are a laugh riot too!

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