These Epic Celebrity Reactions To Paparazzi Will Literally Make You Roll On The Floor Laughing!

These reactions are absolutely golden!

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We all envy the glamorous and charismatic life of all the celebrities with their lavish lifestyle, big fan-following and most importantly, being famous around the globe. Well there’s also a downside to this ‘being famous’ part and that is being badgered relentlessly by the paparazzi wherever you go.

No doubt it becomes annoying for most celebrities and they lose their cool in the process, while on the other hand several celebrities are one step ahead and end up trolling the paparazzi itself by their hysterical reactions.

Let’s take a look:

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield took the most of this opportunity

Source: sheknows

Source: thefrisky

Badass Harrison Ford Showing Off His Muscles

Source: dailymail

Ryan Gosling Trolls The Paparazzi In The Cutest Way Possible

Source: bashny

Jim Carrey Never Ceases To Amaze Us

Source: scoopwhoop

Could he be more funny?

Source: scoopwhoop

Leonardo Dicaprio Prooves That He's The Epic Master Of Disguise

Source: imgur

Enough is Enough For Benedict Cumberbatch

Source: buzzfeed

Aye Aye Sherlock!

Source: buzzfeed

Well, this one's gotta be the best!

Source: pinterest

Gerard Butler Says, Smile B****!

Source: upliftpost

Dustin Hoffman Plays Peekaboo!

Source: vinescope

Simon Cowell's Got Talent

Source: youngindianstory

Do It Like Daniel!

Source: prokino13


Grant Gustin Ridicules The Paparazzi

Source: twitter

Not only the fastest, but he might also be the funniest man alive

Source: pinterest

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