British PM Theresa May To Initiate Brexit On March 29; These Twitter Reactions Are All You Need To Know About It

Last year, on June 23, Britain voted to leave the EU with 51.9 pc voting in favour of the decision that threw Britan in unknown territory.

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After months of speculation, British PM Theresa May has finally signalled that she is ready to trigger Article 50 on March 29 - thus beginning the process of Britain's (hard) exit from the European Union. This long and complicated process could take as much as two years to complete.

Last year, on June 23, Britain voted to leave the EU with 51.9 pc voting in favour of the decision. The aftermath of the referendum was nothing but chaos as the British pound took a hit and EU signalled that Britain won't get favourable trade deals after leaving the single market.

But the process to leave is not simple. Nobody knows what to expect as Article 50 does not outline specific steps for the withdrawal. The major issues that Britan would have to tackle are balancing trade deals and migration, forging its new position in the global economy now that it does not have the same weight that it used to, and in a broader view justify its decision to leave EU in the first place.

Unlike the close referendum last year, the reactions are more on the negative side today as Britain has started to realise what it stands to lose. Have a look at the Twitter reactions below:














Brexit could also revive Scotland's Independence demand:


To be fair, though, Britain was never truly a part of the EU. This wonderful infographic by AFP news agency explains Britain's turbulent relationship with the EU:


As Britain leaves EU, it's reaction was more comparable to that of a refugee (Oh, the irony!) escaping evil rulers than someone finding his way back home.

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