The Way British Tortured Aboriginal Australians Will Make You Feel Sick!

The indigenous black men were used for target practice, women as sex slaves and their babies were roasted.

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Since the 1788, The british colonies debarred the Aboriginal Australians from their lands and in the process many aboriginals were killed. The most intense part of the genocide happened at a small island near Australia called Tasmania. Many scientist believe that that Tasmanians were the missing link between men and monkeys.

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Here are some facts about the Genocide and the Aboriginal Australians

1. The first genocide lasted for more than 100 years in which the population of the aboriginal Australians was dropped from about 1 million to 0.1 million.

Source: returnofkings

2. Till date Australians teach their children that no wars or acts of mass violence occurred on Australian soil. But in reality the indigenous black people were brutally tortured and murdered.

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3. The indigenous black men were used for target practice, women as sex slaves and their babies were roasted. The population of aboriginals in 1804-1832 decreased from 5,000 people to just 200. The population was reduced almost by 90% in 30 years, it was like killing an entire island.

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4. In early 1900, the Australians established the first concentration camps under the aborigines Protection Act 1909. As a result of these camps the aboriginals became extinct.

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5. In 1930 racism in Australia was at its peak which led to black children separating from their biological parents, with the assumption that they are capable of having children but not raising them socially.

Source: thediscoverblog

6. The aboriginal people are still struggling with their lives as they not yet able to live their lives as the other people. But people are finally taking stand against racism in Australia.

Source: thediscoverblog

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