What Happens When Parents Act Like Social Media-Obsessed Kids? This Funny Video Tells It'll Be Crazy AF!

With the very talented Rajat Kapoor and Sheeba Chadha in the lead, this delightful video will have you rolling on the floor laughing, I mean *rofl*.

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Imagine how scary it would be if moms started posting pictures with the caption "Hubby is sick AF," along with a pouting selfie with a sick husband in the background. This nightmare was realised recently with the latest FilterCopy video titled 'If Parents Behaved Like Us.'

Versatile and veteran artists Rajat Kapoor and Sheeba Chadha star as social media-obsessed parents in this video.

Clicking pictures of the food before eating, coming up with creative hashtags and getting unreasonably excited about free WiFi is what the video is all about!

Facebook is fine but having your parents stalk you via Instagram and Snapchat could turn too harrowing isn't it?

"What if you get up tomorrow and the generation gap between you and your parents just vanishes? They talk, walk, speak and even act just like you! Would you love it or despise it?" reads the video description. Watch it and decide for yourself:

Funny, isn't it? Care to tag your mom and dad in this one? *wink wink*

Title image: ndtv

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