The Trailer For Kahaani 2 Will Have You Floored, Aami Shotti Bolchhi!


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Vidya Balan wowed us with her act in Sujoy Ghosh-directed Kahaani back in 2012. She returns in Kahaani 2, in a role worthy of her mettle, which is one of many things that the freshly released trailer definitely conveys!

Vidya Balan is Durga Rani Singh, a wanted murderer and kidnapper as the teaser let us know. The fast-paced trailer sows seeds of deep intrigue, as we see Durga, the troubled mother battle with the demons of her convicted past. Arjun Rampal plays Sub-Inspector Indrajit Singh in this one and, as much as we would like to avoid it, comparisons with Parambrata Chatterjee’s wonderful performance in the first installment are inevitable.

The trailer has us on the edge of our seats, with chilling moments, ominous music reminiscent of the 2012 prequel, and Vidya at her dramatic best!

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