The Trailer For “Befikre” Is Old Wine In A New Bottle

Friends with benefits with French subtitles.

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The trailer for Befikre, the highly anticipated new movie by Aditya Chopra is out and it has left us a little wanting.

The movie has one of the biggest stars working today in the form of Ranveer Singh and opposite him is Vaani Kapoor, who has only been seen once in Shuddh Desi Romance, in which she was not able to leave much of an impression.

Befikre promises to be a fun spin on relationships, or the lack of one thereof, and the trailer works “really” hard to sell us this premise.

However, what needs to be seen in this trailer is the absolutely gorgeous leads that adorn the screen.

From the proclamation at the beginning.

Source: YouTube

Dharam and Shyra are one HOT couple!

Source: YouTube

From his washboard abs

Source: YouTube

To her beach-ruling-bod!

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How do you top this?

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Maybe, with this?

Source: YouTube

And that quip on DDLJ? Priceless!

Source: YouTube

Check out the trailer here.

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