The Realities Of Dreams! 9 Amazing Facts About Dreams!

Some believe in reality , a few love their sleep but what connects them both are dreams. Indeed dreams are valid! Here we have for you 9 supercool facts

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“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”

   -James Dean

Some believe in reality , a few love their sleep but what connects them both are dreams. Indeed dreams are valid! Here we have for you 9 supercool facts about dreams you must know:

1. They always symbolise something:

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They do have an agenda perhaps! It is said that dreams are a mirror of your sub-conscious. Whatever lies deep in those goofy thoughts, finds its way back to you through dreams. There are various methods to analyse your dreams and understand what they mean.

2. Watch the hands of the clock:

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Time does shackle the memories of your dreams. It is likely that you forget 90 percent of your dream within 10 minutes of waking up. However, if you happen to wake up at a stage called REM (Rapid Eye Movement), you might remember your dream better and longer.

3. Dreams are impartial:

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Dreams know no boundaries or shortcomings. Yes! Blind people can dream. People who turn blind after birth can see and perceive images while those who are born blind use other senses like smell, touch etc in their dreams.

4. Lucid Dreaming:

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Your dreams are flexible- you can manipulate your dream! When your mind understands that you are dreaming you can actually take control of your story. It is just like a movie. Well, all’s well that ends well afterall!

5. Oops! The scary nightmare:

Source: learning-mind

Anxiety is the most common emotion you feel during dreaming. You encounter more negative emotions than positive ones. So chill, you are not the only one who wakes up chattering those teeth early morning in fear!

6. The Psychosis:

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It is important to keep dreaming and sleeping in the Rapid Eye Movement stage as you can fall prey to psychological disorders like hallucination and irritation. This may occur due to improper coordination of brain and body.

7. Sleep Paralysis:

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Wonder why during certain mornings you end up waking up lazy and keep twisting and turning in your bed? It is sleep paralysis, which makes you unable to move. Well the next time your mom scolds you for waking up late, you have a flashy scientific excuse!

8. Dreams and the Gender:

Source: theodysseyonline

Men usually encounter violent and aggressive dreams, women on the other hand have no specific categorical choices. Men also mostly dream about men in their dreams (no pun intended). 70 percent characters in their dreams are male.

9. Dreams help you Learn:

Source: wikihow

Dreams are your brain’s way of processing, integrating and understanding new information. So, the next time you think of pulling an all-nighter before an exam, give it a second thought. You never know, what problems your dreams might solve for you!

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