The Ones That Could Have Been: What If These Relationships Had Worked Out For Rachel In FRIENDS?

Monica married Chandler, Phoebe ended up with her soul mate Mike and Joey was left single though Chandler promised to have a separate room for him.

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Monica married Chandler, Phoebe ended up with her soul mate Mike and Joey was left single though Chandler promised to have a separate room for him in his new home as well... But Ross and Rachel? Had a child together but the status still remained status quo. The 10 seasons left us with a lot of WHAT IFS especially given that they had millions of relationships outside the six of them. So here are some potential what-ifs for Rachel if she wasn’t so hung up on Ross!

1. Rachel and Paolo

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He turned out to be a real "Crap weasel" when he groped Phoebe and broke Rachel’s trust, but had that not happened Rachella and Paolo did make a sizzling pair with their passionate and hot love!

2. Rachel and Mark

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We still don’t know whether to thank him or curse him because he was the root cause of the entire WE WERE ON A BREAK plot! Rachel dated him briefly but didn’t last for god knows why? Just a rebound relationship maybe!

3. Rachel and Joshua

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Now this one was a keeper, the only guy who Rachel took the first step for. But she screwed things up for no apparent reason. If not Ross, our stakes would have been on JOSSH-U-AAH!

4. Rachel and Tag


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Young, handsome and delicious! We loved Eddie Cahill though it was a cheap bargain, given that he was just a newbie and it would have been fun only a little while.

5. Rachel and Gavin


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They might have worked out or maybe they wouldn’t, because competition between the two was rife. But Gavin would have been an amazing partner given that he could also be an adoring father.

6. Rachel and Joey

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We love Rachel and we lovveee Joey! All during her pregnancy, right from when she announced it, wanting to marry her for the sake of her child, then developing feelings towards each other, (almost) proposing her after delivery and then even taking care of Emma! Joey and Rachel is our favourite could-have-been…

But well they too, remained just a WHAT IF….

If you agree, let us know your pick.

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