The Ones That Could Have Been: What If Monica Never Broke Up With Pete Or Had Married Richard?

Monica was the most genuine, honest F.R.I.E.N.D. who was always loud and clear about what she wanted out of a relationship.We’ve chalked down some of the maybe

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Monica was the most genuine, honest F.R.I.E.N.D. who was always loud and clear about what she wanted out of a relationship. But her journey from Paul the Wine Guy in the first episode to marrying her best friend who finally turned out to be the love of her life wasn’t pretty. She had a chance at two perfect marriages- only the glitches were too big to ignore! We’ve chalked down some of the maybe’s and definitely not’s for Monica Geller this time.

8. Paul- The Wine Guy wordpress

She had to break his watch because he was a cheat! He lied to her about being impotent- a trick he used on all women, in order to get them to sleep with him!

7. Julio huffp

Dating a poet wasn’t as romantic as she thought it would be when Julio the poet wrote her the insulting poem, “The Empty Vase.” On being challenged he excused himself by saying that it wasn’t for her but all (American) women. Monica took this shit no more!

6. Timothy Burke mtv

Richard’s son! Eww! Do we even need to elaborate?

5. Chip Matthews's_Spot.png/revision/latest?cb=20151010205046Source: wikia

Sometimes, fantasy is better than the real deal. The road from school crush to ex crush was only a matter of one date!

4. Fun Bobby heykackie

Alcohol was what made Fun Bobby so much “Fun”! Surely a drunkard wouldn’t do for her given her high standards!

3. Pete Becker bustle

He was perfect, he was my favourite! Which boyfriend can fly you off to Italy on a date? Had he not been an affluent ass and done away with all the UFC eccentricities, they would have been the perfect match!

2. Richard wikia

Despite the age difference, they were great together. He was pretty much the man of her dreams. But relationship goals fumbled and both went separate ways, which eventually made Chandler happen so no issues, Richard!

1. Chandler playbuzz

Best friends make perfect husbands. And Monica was indeed one lucky girl!

Don’t you agree?

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