The Ones That Could Have Been: Do You Think Joey And Rachel Could Have Gone The Distance?

But well they remained just a WHAT IF….

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The last episode of friends was a painful affair, and the fact which was even more difficult to digest was the part that Joey, our beloved Joey was the only single guy left alone despite his countless encounters with women. He dated, but never fell in love! It still feels incomplete, so do you think either of these relationships could have turned out well for Joey?

7. Kate

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Though they began on a rough patch, his actor crush came around. They were really in love but she chose career over love so never mind!

6. Charlie

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Now this was pretty much forced. They might both be hot, but you need to match mentalities and she surely was outta his league in that respect!

5. Ursula

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Should have dated the kind hearted Phoebe no instead of the evil willed Ursula?

4. Katie

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She would have his perfect mate, cute and fun, only if she’d stop hitting and punching him so hard.

3. Janine

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She was sexy. She was good! But the loud Bings chased her out, because they wanted Joey all for themselves.

2. Kathy

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Kathy was a really intelligent chick, but she fell for Chandler instead of Joey and pretty much cheated on him with his best friend. Alas! Not acceptable.

1. Rachel

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We love Rachel and we lovveee Joey! All during her pregnancy, right from when she announced it, wanting to marry her for the sake of her child, then developing feelings towards each other, proposing her on delivery and then even taking care of Emma! Joey and Rachel is our favourite could have been…

But well they remained just a WHAT IF….

Do you agree?

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