The Ones That Could Have Been: Do You Feel That David Was Her One True Love And Not Mike?

A lot of ruckus was recently created when actor Hank Azaria who played David, the nerdy scientist from Minsk. And we couldn’t agree more!

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A lot of ruckus was recently created when actor Hank Azaria who played David, the nerdy scientist from Minsk said that the makers killed his track because they liked the very good looking Mike too much. And we couldn’t agree more! Phoebe had her fair share of guys, David looked like one true love as he kept resurfacing but she finally chose the not-so-eccentric-like-her-but-a-very-normal-guy Mike! Were these her best bets or was any other gig more feasible, decide yourself !

7 Parker

Source: youtube

Phoebe was a happy soul, but Alec Baldwin turned out to be too happy for her! But never mind!

6 Eric

Source: glamour

We loved the guest star appearances on FRIENDS and when Sean Penn walked we couldn’t be any happier. But her gig with Eric was short lived cause the bugger was all for her evil twin Ursula and not her!

5 Roger

Source: recapguide

Oh well, the psychiatrist! We HATED THAT GUY, just like Phoebe did in just one episode!

4 Ryan

Source: likesuccess

Charlie Sheen as a Mills and Boons lover all decked up in his naval uniform and stars was a bit too much and Phoebe ending up with the submarine guy would have too hard to digest. Good he disappeared.

3 Gary

Source: friends.wikia

He was nice but hey nice people don't go off shooting pigeons now do they? Not EVEN if you are a Cop! Especially if you are a COP!

2 David longagoandohsofaraway

He was without a doubt Phoebe’s ONE TRUE LOVE but then you don’t leave if you’ve found it once!

1 Mike Hannigan youtube

While I hopelessly rooted for the weirdo from Minsk, Crap Bag won his Princess Consuela Banana Hammock and Mike Hannigan won the race!

Nonetheless Phoebe did have a whirlwind love life!

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