The One With No Comeback: FRIENDS Is Not Coming Back, News Is A Hoax

Deep inside we all hoped this to be true but time and time again such rumours have played with our emotions.

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A facebook post about FRIENDS making a comeback went viral on Friday, exactly 13 years later when the most iconic sitcom of all-time had made its first screening on television

After 13 years, a Facebook post by 'David Schwimer' (note the wrong spelling) claimed that this Iconic series will be back for its final season. Astute observers straightaway pointed out that this was not authentic.

However, this is not the first time that this type of hoax has gone viral. A report published in 12news, proves that the news of FRIENDS' new session is nothing but a rumour.

It has pointed out some of the flaws about the post.

Source: vulture

First of all the post has been made by the name of “David Schwimer”, the actor who played Ross Geller in all 10 seasons of the show. The search name of the profile is Ross Gheler and both the names are incorrectly spelt, the real spelling is “David Schwimmer” and Ross’ last name is Geller not Gheler

Source: theodyssey

The account was just created on the 13th anniversary of the show, creating further doubt in the minds of the readers.

Source: marieclaire

FREINDS' cast has always clarified that there will be no reunion for the show.

Source: news18

Finally, the report says that if we look on IMDB, we find no such information about the show.

Source: digitalspy

Well, we all wanted this news to be true but unfortunately, neither the news nor the account from which the post has been made is real.

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