The Map Which Displays Every Country’s Tourism Slogans Is Totally Spot On!

If you have to choose a destination based on its slogan, which country would you choose?

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Describing an entire country with only a few words is not really facile, but nations create slogans in order to attract tourists.

Countries do a lot of things to market themselves to tourists and attract a lot of tourism, and of them is using conspicuous slogans. A holiday deals website named Family Break Finder has collected all of these slogans and put them together in a rather intriguing map.

The most popular word is “beautiful”, which appears in six slogans. But, some countries stand out more than others. For example, Australia used caps lock in their “There’s NOTHING like Australia”. There are some hashtags – “Wales: #FindYourEpic”, “Spain: #spainindetail” and some clever puns – “Morocco: Much mor”, or “Djibouti: Djibeauty” and, of course, India uses ‘Incredible !ndia’.

Every-Countrys-Tourism-Slogan-Crop-1.pngSource: theguardian

If you have to choose a destination based on its slogan, which country would you choose? And which countries would have a better slogan?

Here is the continents - wise distribution of the map

North America

Source: boredpanda

South America

Source: boredpanda


 Source: boredpanda


Source: boredpanda


Source: boredpanda


Source: boredpanda

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