The Man You Know, The Journey You Don’t: 10 Times You Get The Chills While Watching M.S.Dhoni: The Untold Story

The spectacular rise of MS Dhoni from the aspiring Ranchi youth to Team India's star finisher.

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Spoilers Ahead.

A star wicketkeeper, batsman and captain is how we know MSD. The hard-work, however, that made him so, didn’t grab many eyeballs. M.S. Dhoni –The Untold Story is the story of this  on-field legend as the common, flawed and confused human, like you and me.

All the critical analysis apart, this man indeed deserves his story to be told. Take a bow sir!

Here are 10 times when you get chills while watching the movie:

1. When in his school, the coach hands him the wicket-keeping gloves for the first time:

Source: dealwall

You do see the innocence on young Dhoni’s face when he puts on his gloves for the first time as wicket keeper. And it makes you wonder if this little lad has any clue what world those gloves will introduce him to!

2. When he gets a taste of attitude, watching the stud Yuvraj Singh during Under-19 matches:

Source: twicopy

You can feel his emotions as your own, when while watching Yuvi he discovers that matches are equally won with one’s attitude.

3. When he catches the train like one would run to grab an opportunity:

Source: indianexpress

You walk with him through his plateau phase, you feel helpless when you see him sitting on that railway station bench and you feel his hunger for progress when he run towards the train which takes him to his destination.

4. When the truck hits her car and you see a bleeding hand:

Source: hitmovie

The date is 14 February!

5. When he opens THAT parcel:

Source: odishanews

You see him unfold the jersey of the Indian Cricket Team and it reads “DHONI 7” !


6. When she gets a phone call :

Source: blogspot

Sakshi all dejected with the publicity gets a phone which says “Will you marry me?”

Need I write the answer to that?

7. When his old roomie visits him and says:

Source: tamilcinema

“Jab tu khelta hai, karodo logo ki saansein ruk jaati hain!”

8. When he wears the T-Shirt knowing that the country is calling for his shoulders to take responsibility:

Source: jansatta

It is the 2011 World Cup, India loses Virat’s wicket and you see a calm Dhoni in the dressing room take the decision to enter the field.

9. When he hits the winning six!

Source: ytalkies

The audience relives the moments of that epic match, and when he hits the winning chhakka you end up shouting at the top of your voice, you see his eyes in anticipation, wondering if this ball will be destined for the win!

10. When you see a proud dad cry:

Source: filmymantra

India wins the World Cup, you see a man on the couch, amidst all cheers and greetings, shedding tears of pride, a mother who worships her god for the entire duration of the match, and a loving sister with tears of joy.

Indeed a man of few words, has had a life worthy of this story!

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