The Greatest Trail In The World Is About To Be Completed. And It Is 21000 Km Long Already!

Canada has been working on creating the longest and greatest trail for pedestrians for the last 24 years,Slated for completion in 2017,Canada's 150th birthday

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Canada has been working on creating the longest and greatest trail for pedestrians for the last 24 years. Today, it’s 87% completed, spanning 20,770 km, between 13 provinces and territories from Newfoundland to British Columbia. Slated for completion in 2017, the 150th birthday of Canada, the full route will stretch 24,000 km, representing the longest recreational trail on earth.

The Great Trail promotes environmental conservation, encourages active lifestyles, and educates visitors on Canadian culture and history. Plus, it’s an economic plus, creating new job opportunities along the way.

Trail-goers are invited to explore the tracks—26% of which exist on water—via all sorts of transportation methods. Hiking, cycling, horseback riding, and paddling are all welcomed, plus cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. There is one crucially forbidden vehicle, however: cars.

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The site’s interactive map is incredibly detailed and lets you engage with the trail in an easy and fun way–letting you focus on small stretches of the trail, see photos, and learn about the trail type in that area as well as the history of its build.

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Check out more amazing pictures from The Great Trail here.

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