The Evil Genius Behind Creation Of “Mr. Robot”

Experience the world of utter madness and chaos with Mr. Robot.

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There were times when a particular television series followed a specific set of trends in its creation. Trends pertaining to certain genres like family drama, crime mystery, period drama and the good old fashioned documentary based on true life and true stories were always cherished and loved equally by all types of audiences. The interesting thing about this concept being, this trend was and is followed vastly even in this generation as well. Shows like ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘The Sopranos’, ‘The Wire’, are few examples that justified the power and command of this popular concept. Believe me, there is nothing wrong with this trend and usually is a safe bet for any writer to go along.  It is rightly said that simplicity and sophistication always paves way for success and till date this was the success mantra for a lot of TV producers and writers around the world.

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When Mr. Robot aired for the first time on television it generated mixed reviews for its un-conventional and shady plot. This show was the exact opposite when it came to following the favored concept. Sam Esmail, the creator of this show aptly told when he was asked about his expectations from the show, “I always thought, ‘Look, we’re not going to go mainstream or break through, especially in this age of Peak TV. But hopefully we’ll have enough of a following to justify our existence.” Well he certainly did break all the norms and conventions by creating this show and he most certainly justified its existence by  implementing his ideas to great perfection. There was a massive  risk going in with such a shady and dark plot which may or may not cater the likes of most audience and to still be able to get the amount of appreciation it got was indeed commendable. Now, why to watch this show?

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Mr. Robot is about Elliot, a genius druggie computer hacker who struggles with social anxiety disorder and clinical depression. By day he works as a security engineer for a cybersecurity firm and by night he conspires to hack their biggest client, the multi-national conglomerate named ‘E Corp’. When I first started with Mr. Robot, it struck me as indifferent and complicated. It seemed as if the writers were trying too hard to take this plot to a certain point and apparently they were failing to do so making the story look even more digressed. But again, on the contrary, this was the genius behind the show. The writers took their time to develop a story good enough for the audience to hold on to their seats and eventually make them wonder where this show is actually heading. This element of surprise was the important essence of this show and to maintain this trait with such elegance and panache throughout was indeed praiseworthy. Amazingly the ability which unknowingly helps us to relate ourselves to the characters of this show clearly  justifies the brilliance and evil genius behind its creation. No wonder this show went on to win numerous awards including the golden globe for the best TV series and most importantly an Emmy award for best actor in a tv series which went to Rami Malek, the lead actor aka Elliot, of this mind boggling show. Even this Emmy award for Malik broke the traditions that were aptly followed and established a new statement that it is indeed time for a change and a start of new era.

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Now to experience the most intriguing moments and hype associated with this show, I would rather suggest to go and watch this for yourself.  As the great Aristotle has rightly said, "No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness." Go and witness the madness which would literally make you wonder your existence. This creation of masterpiece does certainly promise a great future in television world.

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