The Conjuring: When Reality Was More Scarier Than Reel

The moviegoing world is now familiar with paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, thanks to the success of ‘The Conjuring’ series.

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 The moviegoing world is now familiar with paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, thanks to the success of ‘The Conjuring’ series. At the end of these films, the movie gives us a very brief sneak peek into the reality of the movie and what these characters actually looked like. It never really tells us about the two demonologists, who fought off against supernatural beings, paranormals for the sake of human lives.

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In their 50-year long stint, they claimed to discover some disturbing things and encounter beings whose existence defied science and logic. This article is dedicated to the couple and some of their scariest stories.

1. Perron Family hauntings

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The Witch Bathsheba that haunted the Perron family in ‘The Conjuring’ had more to it than what the movie actually told us. The families that lived in the house suffered more than anyone can imagine. 8 generations of families lived in that haunted house and most of them took their own lives by either the way of hanging or poisoning.  The family could hear repeated knocking on their doors and loud thudding noises every night.

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In the movie, Ed and Lorraine were able to defeat the witch Bathsheba and were successful in driving her out, however, real life has a different tale to tell. Karen Perron died the night Bathsheba took over her body. Ed and Lorraine were unable to save her life. Karen’s daughter recalls that night as the worst ever. The family was forced to continue living in that house for another 10 years due to their poor financial conditions. They then moved out to Georgia.

2. Annabelle

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The story of the doll that moved about on its own, leaving messages, hurting people and in one case it even killed. If you have seen the movie then you know what happened to that priest who decided to say vile things to her. He ended up dying with his breaks, suddenly giving up. Annabelle, to this day, sits in the Museum of Occult in Warrens’ house. It hasn’t been able to escape yet but it is said the doll growls at unknown visitors.  The demon that possessed the doll  has not left it alone to this day.

3. Amityville Horror

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The horror of Amityville that took place on November 13, 1974,  has been considered as  mere psychotic killings by the majority of the population. But little do they know that the story does not end there.  After a year of the house being vacant, George and Kathleen Lutz decided to move into that house.

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The horrifying past of the house was not a human’s doing. A friend of George advised him to have the house blessed. George did as he was advised and they discovered the presence of something paranormal in nature. Father Ray who was appointed for the blessing, advised to the family to not use the upstairs room as their bedroom. Soon the abnormal took over, furniture started to move on its own. From George’s obsession of the fireplace to their daughter acknowledging the presence of a girl named Judy- who often stared at them during midnight through the bleak darkness- it was the stuff of horror tales.

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One night Judy decided to attack the couple. It pulled Kathleen’s body off the bed and paralyzed George. It was at this time that they decided to leave the house and call in Ed and Lorraine. During the Warrens’ investigation, they found that the spirit was not of this world.  The powerful presence was too strong for them to handle on their own. A group of psychics was called in to take care of this demonic spirit. One of the psychic even saw a group of spirits recited her prayer  “Our Father” backward as she was reciting them. The haunting was never solved and the house remains vacant.

4. Enfield Poltergeist of Conjuring 2

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The movie did not cover everything that actually took place in the Enfield Poltergeist case,  the demon did a lot more than was shown in the film. Tossing toys, shirts, chairs and even girls up and down. The demon was in to do a lot more than just playing around. The spirit of Billy not only possessed Janet but it went on to describe intricate details of his death and how it felt to the family that lived in the house.

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Janet was indeed possessed by an inhuman force, which often threw her around the room in a manner that cannot be explained. They even removed everything from her room to see what it would do. The following night, they heard a loud thud and found that the entire fireplace was ripped out of the room. A voice recording of Janet in the link below will truly give you an insight on what happened in that house. The voice recording is of Janet’s actual possession and is not forged or morphed

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