The Big Similarities In The Big Bang Theory!

See 13 punchlines from 'The Big Bang Theory !' where you can see them walking in your shoes.

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The show which made geek culture mainstream. Penny is trying to realize her dreams, Leonard fears he can’t live up to his parents’ expectations, Sheldon struggles to connect to those around him. The characters breathe life into the idea that geniuses are just like us, which is exactly what the fans love. Here are 13 times you can see them walking in your shoes:

When your neighbour aunt demands from you the answer as to why are you 15 minutes late to return home today!

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Because when you get the answer, the question changes!

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Because self analysis is a must! And we are oceans of positivity

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Because love and other drugs have side effects

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Because in this real world we have fantasies!

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Because sarcasm needs a good cover-up!

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Because at times people think you are intelligent when you show off!

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Because chocolate ice cream is the solution to every problem

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Because you weep for humanity when humans don’t listen to you!

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Because you can only afford YOLO as your whatsapp status!

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Because you are a rebel with a purpose

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Because Mr Potter gets our hopes up!

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Because……thug life!

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