Thanksgiving: Thanking God For The Killing Of Native Indians

Not very thankful, are we?

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If anyone has ever read 1984, he will realise that it is not very difficult to change history. Tell something to the people repeatedly for generations and generations and everyone begins to believe it.

If you search Thanksgiving on Google, you will get a wikipedia defination saying that it was originally celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. But very few people know what actually happened all those centuries ago.

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On this day in 1637, the English and the Dutch set fire to the Native American community, including children, and stole their land. Then, the governor of Bay Colony, after mere days of the massacre, had the nerve to say: “A day of thanksgiving. Thanking God that they had eliminated over 700 men, women and children.”

We have the tendancy to blindly belive history as we are told but simply because we have been hearing it for centuries does not make it right. From this year's Thanksgiving, let us remember the atrocities suffered by the Native Americans and make sure we question every piece of history that comes under our nose.

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