Thank You, Yami Gautam! Women Collectors, Lawyers And Dancers Tell You How Fair And Lovely Actually Empowers Women

Thanks to Hindustan Unilever, Asian women since 1975 have been able to trick their genetic makeup and achieve skin that is fairer up to five shades.

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So if you’re an Indian or any other South Asian, you know for a fact that the basic needs for a woman (even for a man, sometimes) are food, clothing, shelter and fair skin. Thanks to Hindustan Unilever, Asian women since 1975 have been able to trick their genetic makeup and achieve skin that is fairer by up to five shades, with Fair and Lovely. FYI, that is also when women empowerment kicked in in the Indian subcontinent. Don’t believe us? Read on to know how much Indian women owe to this miraculous ointment!

1. First of all, it can help women restore their father’s honour...

...because what makes fathers prouder than seeing their little princesses all caked up, right?

2. It prevents divorces and preserves stability in families

...because doodh si gori twacha is the key to marital bliss!

3. It can even push your fiance to put in as much effort in looking physically attractive as you did…

...intellectual compatibility be damned, Abs chahiye!

4. Pooja Hegde spoke up for gender equality and convinced her unreasonable family to let her backpack across Europe first...

...Indian dads, soft as butter I tell you!

5. F&L is how Genelia became a cricket commentator...

...what, you thought K Srikkanth would let you sit near him if you were a dark-skinned cric geek?

6. Even Aishwarya Rai is giving you some crucial badi behen advice here…

...after all, she wasn’t born with this complexion, you know?

7. A very important prerequisite for a successful dancer is skin whiter than the moon…

...technique, grace and shit? Who needs that?

8. F&L helps women overcome crippling personality traits like introversion and humility…

...and turns them into pretentious, emotionally manipulative bitches. But hey, are they HOT!

9. Did you know Fair and Lovely had its own IAS Training Academy?

How else did this ambitious lady become Collector, tell me?

10. For centuries, women could not become successful lawyers only because dark skin and blemishes held them back…

...but no more. Thanks Tamannaah! That brownface is so accurate and not racist at all!

What else has Fair and Lovely helped you achieve? Share with us in the Comments below! (Do check with the Shade Card to gauge your intellectual progress first!)

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