Tesla’s Amazing Auto-Pilot Technology Senses Accident And Prevents It Automatically!

This is phenomenal!

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We have all seen and enjoyed the ‘Final Destination’ movies with great gusto and enthusiasm over the years. Preventing a catastrophe way before it happens! How cool would that be? Well, Tesla’s autopilot software is the closest thing there is to this amazing fiction that we have all fantasized about, for years. Tesla’s Autopilot feature predicted a crash and stopped the vehicle freakishly early. The crash was dreadful which caused the SUV to roll over a few times and ended up causing great damage.

Tesla’s futuristic technology has received its fair amount of criticism over the years, questioning its accuracy. Several accidents also took place wherein the technology was eventually blamed. However, the main reason behind these accidents was the casual approach displayed by drivers by over relying on the software. Truth is, the constantly improving and remarkable auto-pilot feature, if used responsibly, is incredible and can indeed save lives.

As can be seen in the clip, the software brilliantly senses trouble ahead before anything of note becomes visible from driver’s perspective. As soon as it predicted the accident, Tesla’s emergency breaks kicked in even before the driver could apply breaks manually. Fortunately, no oen was killed during this freakish accident.

The amazing Auto-Pilot software has reportedly prevented many accidents including this one. Check out this amazing video.

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