10 Things About Jaime Lannister That Will Confuse You To No End

Game of Thrones is all about bloodshed and intrigue.We bring to you a tally of Jaime Lannister’s good deeds and despicable ones and you can decide for yourself.

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Game of Thrones is all about bloodshed and intrigue but the personalities of the characters are pretty much defined. They have very clear goals and all the treachery they commit is well reasoned. But there is one character who always leaves you confounded. His one good deed is followed by a heinous one which makes him the perfect example of the good, bad and the ugly. We bring to you a tally of Jaime Lannister’s good deeds and despicable ones and you can decide for yourself.

1. The Kingslayer

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Infamous for betraying his own king, Jaime Lannister is considered a blot on the name of the Kingsguard and is referred to as a dishonourable man by many.

2. Bran’s Fall


Jaime and Cersei were caught having sex by Bran Stark. Bran is shocked and almost falls from the tower. Jaime pulls him up and then throws him out of the window, intending to kill him so that the affair remains a secret.

3. Politically incorrect

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In retaliation for Tyrion's capture, but ostensibly to create an uprising, Jaime broke Kingsguard neutrality by leading Lannister men in an attack on Ned and his northmen in the streets of King's Landing, leading to numerous deaths on both sides.

4. Brienne of Tarth

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Jaime develops a certain affection for the Lady who takes him to King’s Landing. He goes back to Harrenhal and rescues Brienne from Vargo Hoat when she is put in a bear cage.

5. Kingslaying Justified

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Jaime divulges to Brienne the events surrounding the Sack of King's Landing, including King Aerys Targaryen's wildfire plot. He killed Aerys because the Mad King ordered the destruction of the city and asked Jaime to kill his own father.

6. Honours the promise made to Catelyn Stark

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Jaime passes the Valyrian sword, now named 'Oathkeeper', on to Brienne, tasking her to keep Sansa Stark safe from Cersei. Ensuring that she is equally well provisioned by providing her with gold, a horse and armour, he also provides a letter sealed and signed by King Tommen, declaring she is about the king's business and not to be hindered. The shield she is given is the one he bore from Harrenhal.

7. Helps Tyrion escape

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Following Joffrey's death, Cersei accuses Tyrion of his murder. When both trial by words and trial by combat fail Tyrion, Jaime still does not believe that Tyrion is the murderer. He forces Lord Varys to arrange Tyrion's escape.

8. He is the reason Tyrion doesn’t believe in love

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During the escape Jaime confesses to his brother an old sin. Years ago Jaime had told him that Tysha, the girl Tyrion had secretly married, was a whore hired by Jaime. Their father Tywin had the girl raped by his soldiers to teach Tyrion a lesson. However, Tysha was the crofter's daughter as she claimed to be and had loved Tyrion genuinely.

9. Refuses to be Hand of the King

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Following the murder of his father by his brother Tyrion, Cersei offers Jaime the position of Hand of the King. Jaime remains in King's Landing and stands vigil over Tywin. He refuses stating, “A Hand without a hand? A bad jape, sister. Don't ask me to rule.”

10. Threatens Edmure Tully

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Jaime, recognizing the need for a change in strategy, tells Edmure that he is to be released and returned to Riverrun. If he yields the castle, the garrison will be spared and all those who wish to join the Night's Watch will be allowed to do so. If he does not surrender, the castle will be sacked and burned, and Jaime will return Edmure's child by catapult.

Jaime Lannister is a ruthless fighter,  a fiercely loyal lover, an unfortunate father and a master strategist all bundled into one! You may despise him or be disarmed by his charm, but oh! The controversial things Jaime does for love!

How do you find the gallant and shrewd Lannister scion? Let us know in the comments below!

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