10 Reasons Why Live-In Relationships Are Actually A Blessing

We look into the benefits that living-in brings for the partners involved:

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In a society obsessed with the institution of marriage and a ‘traditional’ family, live-in relationships invite quite a few disapproving looks. Cohabiting with a romantic partner without getting married is not illegal, yet frowned upon in Indian society. With more and more independent working men and women, mainly in metros of the country opting for this arrangement, we look into the benefits that living-in brings for the partners involved:

1. The Love-Marriage Inequivalence

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Love between two people does not always need to be ‘legitimised’ by tying the knot. Marriage, many believe, only provides social sanction to procreation. If a couple is in love, but is not inclined towards raising a conventional family together, the whole idea of involving two families and having a wedding becomes redundant.

2. Finances

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Let’s get real here, city living is expensive. An added perk of living in with your boyfriend/girlfriend is that you share apartment rent, electricity bills, food, and spend less on your mobile bills (If you’ve ever paid for both your phone bill AND your partner’s, you know what I’m talking about!)

3. A Home To Come Back To

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Everyone who has moved to another city for work knows how it feels to come back from a stressful day at work to an empty apartment. Or worse, to an apartment converted to a mini-Hell by your despicable roommates. Living in with a person you love means you always have something to look forward to every evening. If not a crazy night out, then a relaxing dinner and movie with your SO! Not a bad deal, eh?

4. A Slice Of Married Life

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If you and your partner are planning to get married eventually, cohabiting gives you a good idea of what to expect as a married couple. Whether he loves taking up 80% of the bed space or she cuts her fingernails all over the apartment, you are enlightened about habits of your partners that you can or cannot put up with. (Maybe even plan an intervention for the them. Just saying.)

5. True Compatibility

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Little ticks are still tolerable as compared to the lull that sets in after the initial romance fizzles out (it does, sorry). When the first few days of not being able to keep your hands off each other are over, the deeper connection between you two is laid bare. If you can be in the same room as your partner without the compulsive need to fill each silence with conversation, congratulations!

6. Freedom From Social Obligations

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Ask any of your married friends what a pain it is at times to entertain their spouse’s aunt’s distant cousin’s nephew for even two days when you barely have time to breathe. Not to mention the added expenditure of attending to your Great Indian Extended Family. Living-in (unless you choose to engage with your partner’s family as well) frees you from these superfluous responsibilities.

7. Discovering Yourself

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Living with someone is sometimes a test of your patience, we won’t lie to you. But sharing a life with someone teaches you a thing or two about yourself too. You are able to identify your strengths and vulnerabilities better than if you were all by yourself. Ditto for your partner. This process reinforces your belief in yourself and educates you about what you really want from life.

8. Sex Simplified

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Sex is much more complex than the sanitised Suhagraat depictions that Bollywood has been belting out over the years. But we do think it is easier between partners who know each other better and share the compatibility that seems to be so hard to come by these days.

9. You Always Have A Choice

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Live-in relationships, unlike marriage, are held together by nothing more than the will of two people wanting to be with their love. And both partners are also aware that the resolve can be shaken. If you’re really in love, you put in that much more effort to keep your relationship together. If not, we still have #10.

10. Getting Out

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Marriage in India is treated as a sacrament. More often than not, married couples who find it tougher to be in the same house everyday are forced to continue because of social pressure, the presence of children, or economic dependence. Divorces still carry a stigma and there is endless legal hassle and emotional turmoil involved. A live-in relationship, should it seem to not work out, is certainly less messy to get out of.

While this issue continues to attract ceaseless debate in our country, the pros cannot be denied, especially with the Supreme Court of India granting it the status of a marriage for all practical purposes. Can you think of more advantages? Let us know in the Comments!

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