Sia’s Chandelier: Ten Music Videos That Are More Awesome Than The Songs themselves And You Need To Watch Them Right Now!

Where visuals trump the music

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Music artists don’t just express the theme of the song via lyrics and rhythm, but they also speak volumes via Music videos of the song. Sometimes, a song cannot contain within itself all the emotions an artist wishes to portray to its audience. This compiled list of music videos weave a story within itself, so much so, that the music appears as a supplement to the video and not the other way round.

So without much ado, let’s have some real pleasure:

1. Hunter Hayes: Invisible

The video tells the story of so many people who were treated as 'invisible'. This inspiring and moving video persists to make us all believe that:

"Someday you'll look back

On these days and all this pain is gonna be - Invisible."

2. Lil Wayne: How To Love

The video consists of a story woven around a little girl and how the little moments she experiences in her childhood and the tremendous impact it has on her life.

3. Coldplay: The Scientist

The video is about a person who meets with a horrible accident and he goes back to his past and relives all the moments. The whole video is played backwards. Enough said!

4. Bruno Mars: Grenade

In the video, Bruno Mars is seen struggling through to get back to her previous relationship. This video will make you feel a different kind of benevolence for Bruno.

5. Katy Perry: The one that Got away

The video shows the short story of the love life of a couple and how passionately they fall in love and how difficult it gets for the girl when the guy is the 'one that got away'. When the old Katy meets the young Katy, that's when the video gets more exciting.

6. Eminem ft. Rihanna: Love the way you lie

This old video never really gets old: the video portrays the violence as well as peace between the couple just as precisely as the lyrics do and that video is what happens when a tornado meets a volcano! *wink*

7. Taylor Swift: Wildest Dreams

Taylor Swift never fails in enthralling the spectators with her spectacular performance. The video takes you back to the old days and weaves a story that'll give you the chills.

8. Sia: Chandelier

Maddie Zie gler dancing profoundly to the profuse beats of the music and the unfathomable video gets us the visual treat we all desire for!

9. Ed Sheeran: Thinking Out Loud

The graceful dance of Ed in this music video with every move embracing every beat and every step coinciding with the rhythm, makes this music video a gripping visual pleasure!

10. One Direction: Story of my Life

The video consists of the photographic memories of the members of the band. The little, perfect moments captured into frames are relived and cherished!

Are there any videos that you liked more than the song it was made for?

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