These 10 Adorable Illustrations Will Make You Look At The Life A Lighter Way

Have a look at this cute art work and you shall realize how colourful and happy life could be

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While some grumble over the everyday mundane life they live, there are some people who thrive to make their lives interesting by adding an artistic perspective to every other things they cross.

One such man is Teo Zirinis, full of artistic vision; this freelance designer and illustrator is capable of giving lifeless objects a life.

Teo and his website ‘HandsOffMyDinosaur’ which also is his instagram handle says that he always tries to keep a positive outlook on life by looking at the happy, funny side of it.

Based in Athens, Greece, the artist gets inspired by food, cartoons, books and everyday life. Name any everyday item you use or stumble upon, his illustrations have a humorous take on them. So far he has illustrated many such objects like toilet paper, puzzle pieces, and even marshmallows, would say if they had the gift of speech.

His amazing artwork has been featured on popular websites such as Threadless, Shirt.Woot, Tee Fury, Ript Apparel, The Yetee, as well as on greeting cards.

Here are the cute illustrations that will make you feel happy about little things in life:

1. A happy farewell


Over This Crap #illustration #toiletpaper #job #crap #cute #retirement #comics

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2. The Monday blues

3. Brainstorming, quite literally

4. True sportsmanship


Fun Match #illustration #tennis #sports #funny #comics

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5. Robe the jacket and gulp it


Fashion #illustration #hotdog #food #bun #fashion #funny #comics

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6. Your mandatory to do thing

7. Juggling with the pepperonis


Show Off #illustration #pizza #pepperoni #juggling #funny #comics

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8. Well, we all are the part of something bigger


Something Bigger #illustration #puzzle #jigsaw #pun #comics #universe

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9. Hanging out together


High Five #illustration #clothesline #highfive #hanging #funny #pun #comics

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10. Betting all what you have


All In #illustration #cookie #chip #poker #funny #comics

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Information source: designtaxi, handsoffmydiosaur

Title image: instagram

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