Yummy Pickles And Holy Stickers: 10 Things You Can Find In All Telugu Households

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When living alone in a foreign land or for that matter any place away from home, you miss even the smallest of the small things which aren’t even noticed when you are at home. That homemade food, over-caring parents are common sights across all households but there are certain peculiar things which you can find only in a Telugu household!

1. Dried mango leaves

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This is the first thing you notice before you enter a Telugu household. Mango leaves which were hung for a major event, and ignored till the next event is in sight. By then these get dried and shrivelled as if waiting for their end to come!. :P

2. Wake up to raasi phalalu (horoscope) playing on TV

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By the time we wake up in the morning, which our parents will never agree to call "morning", there is either Mulugu or some other astrologer trying to turn your day magical just by giving away some kind of lentils!

3. Past years’ TTD calendar

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There is at least one TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam) calendar with Lord Venkateswara and his wife staring at you- 'cause it just doesn’t make sense to ‘throw God away’.

4. Aavakaya/ Mango Pickle

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The quintessential Aavakaya or Mango Pickle, completes every Telugu household. If any non-Telugu is visiting our place even during tea-time, we make it a point to serve them mango pickle as an accompaniment to some snack we make to go with it ;)

5. A TV remote badly in need of bashing

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Well this may be a common sight in most of the households but the funny dialogues the elders come up with to make it to work- “This remote needs bashing just like you/your father/your uncle had when they were kids”. Some childhood it was for them! :D

6. Tulasi plant/ Tulasi Chettu

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‘Tulasamma’ as it is colloquially referred to at home, means ‘Tulasi Mother’. Whatever kind of house you may be living in- Independent, Apartments, Bungalows, et al, there probably won’t be any household without this.

7. Portraits of deceased family members

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As if to constantly remind you of your history and family line, there are at least a few of such photo frames of your grandparents and their parents and their parents. Sometimes you stare at them wondering from whom you got those charming looks of yours. ;) :P

8. Big Jute shopping bags

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Every household has those big jute shopping bags taken from Chandana Brothers or R. S. Brothers. If you haven’t been to any of these shopping places, fret not, even the vegetable market has them. How else can you carry truckloads of groceries or veggies home?

9. Omnipresent gods

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From your puja room to living room, bedrooms to kitchen, there are Gods everywhere- either in the form of idols, stickers, wall hangings, photo frames, key chains and what not. Just in case we feel God might forget us while we are traveling, they are there even in our cars and their back horns too. You see, it’s not a house but a temple.

10. Curd Rice

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The one recipe for ‘Happiness’. Even if you have a pizza, or burger or anything under the planet you won’t ‘feel’ full without that one morsel of Curd Rice. 'Cause no meal ends without it.

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