Indian Women Are Not Deserving Of These Charming Young Men. Here's Why

Rabri Devi stated that she'd prefer cultured, efficient women who didn't neglect household duties, for her sons Tejashwi and Tej Pratap.

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You undoubtedly know these two gentlemen:

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If you don't, meet Prince William, Duke of Cambridge- air ambulance pilot, father of two and epitome of suaveness.

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Meet his brother, Prince Harry, ex-armyman and wild child of British royalty.

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The two scions of the royal house of Windsor were, until quite recently, the two most eligible bachelors in the world.

You had to be an exceptional woman to pass the stringent standards of British royalty and be accepted into the family.

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But these brothers have now been dethroned from their enviable position.

Meet Tejashwi Prasad and Tej Pratap Yadav.

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The two shining stars of Bihar politics from the renowned clan of Lalu Prasad and Rabri Devi Yadav, are also accomplished men in their own right.

Tejashwi Prasad is the deputy CM of Bihar.

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While Tej Pratap Yadav handles the Health ministry.

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What has ALL this got to do with the title, you ask?

Then lend me your ears, because the Yadav matriarch, ex-Bihar CM Rabri Devi has recently stated that she doesn't want any daughters-in-law who go to "cinema halls or malls".

Source: indianexpress

Rabri Devi, speaking on her husbands birthday celebrations, stated that she wanted well-cultured brides for both her sons- the kind who do not go to malls or the cinema, who can take care of the home and elders, as well as everything else in and outside home.

Because being a good wife/DIL and watching movies are mutually exclusive?

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Because being a "good" bahu is equivalent to not having a personality of your own?

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Allow me a while to get over my utter disappointment at not being eligible for being a Yadav bride...

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Be that as it may, we hope Tejashwi and Tej find the women of their (mother's) dreams real soon. Ok bye.

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