Teen Diaries! 9 Thoughts Every Teenager Can Relate To

They call us teenagers, folks. Want to peek into our lives as to what we are?

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We are not morning persons, nor are we a night owls but we do  rock 11:30 AM like nobody’s business! They call us teenagers, folks. Want to peek into our lives as to what we are?

Well, here are 9 things you surely see in every teenager’s personal diary or “Journal”.

When people pointout my monochrome black outfit and ask whose funeral is it?, I politely reply, “haven’t decided yet”.

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Things we master in college:

Texting without looking

Sleeping without getting caught

Team work during exams

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We can multi task, we can talk and piss people off at the same time!

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The urge to kill people when they pull the bedcovers off, we don’t do mornings peeps, get it asap!

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The obligation to give sarcastic answers to dumb questions!

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Phone on silent you get 9 missed calls! Turn it to loudest volume, nobody calls!

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Want to talk about mood swings? Well, I am the nicest and meanest person you will ever meet!

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Do I workout? Yes, I stretch myself to hit the snooze button, that is like 5 situps each day!

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All you need is love, and an IQ low enough to believe that!

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