Technologies That Are Going To Change Our Lives Forever

We are going to tell you all about the upcoming technologies that will surely make you happy and excited!

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With recent technologies that is making our life easier, there are few technologies that are yet to come and will surely change the way we live! Scientists are working hard and we can say harder to invent new gadgets for humans. Science and scientists prove that “Sky is not the limit.’’ The day is not far where things will be no more costly like solar cells or all your questions will be answered by a digital library! So from cloning to wireless internet we are going to tell you all about the upcoming technologies that will surely make you happy and excited!

1. Location-based Computing

Source: Rapidsofttechnologies

If we want to know any address, we type it and search for the location. But soon you can point your cell phone at an actual three-dimensional thing, maybe a building, click there and get information about the place. You can even jump to the web site of whatever you were pointing to and just like servers with Internet address there will be servers with geographic coordinates too that will actually give you the feeling that you are already at your location!

2. Gene Therapy/Stem Cells

Source: Guardianlv

There are some diseases that humans have by birth. Let’s say they are genetically transferred or inherited by birth. Scientists are working to change those genes and trick the defective cells into growing correctly. So the day is not far when birth defects will be treated as easily as diseases like fever or cold! No one will have birth defects anymore, isn’t it amazing???

3. Digital Libraries

Source: Fastcompany

Connectivity is useful when you know what you want to know! If it’s the latest gossip about any of your celebrity or any serious issue, you want it online, all of it! So Digital libraries are going to become a reality that will answer your any question straightforwardly! Just like courses that are online, check out Google Book Search. The only thing that you need to do will be asking and voila you will get the answer, as simple as having a siri without iPhone!

4. Cheaper Solar Cells

Source: Vox

The cost of Solar cells today is not at all affordable for everyone and the prices are not going to go down in the new future! But since these cells turn sunlight into electricity, the cost of solar energy could be the same with the cost of regular electricity that comes from power grid! The new residential constructions that include your new house or flats will power it and produce electricity! Science is still working on the bad weather conditions and so we’ll have hi-fi and hi-tech colonies.

5. Therapeutic Cloning

Source: Genetics

We all have heard about cloning, a process where we generate identical copies of a particular person or animals like sheep. The idea of cloning came to existence to grow replacements of the person by changing their organs or body tissues, which the body would see no reason to reject. Earlier, even a clone would have the same disease or defect just like the original person, but recently scientists are developing a clone that would not inherit the disease or defect! Which means the cancer cells or damaged organs could be replaced by new, disease free clones of themselves and it will reduce the death ratios dramatically!

6. Hydrogen Economy

Source: Howstuffworks

All work mainly is done by oil, without oil and oil suppliers we would be doomed. But the prospect of oil reserves drying up is not so far, so some scientists are working to turn water into hydrogen and burn that and use it for fueling! While burning oil, harmful gases are released into atmosphere but if we use water for burning all it will leave will be hydrogen! Since the byproduct of combustion of hydrogen is more water, it means we will even produce our own water and it will not cause any harm to earth! So Hydrogen economy is going to change the oil economy soon.

7. Desktop 3-D Printing

Source: Robotshop

We go to a store for buying a new gadget, but instead you might download a design of your gadget by choosing it and generate it in your desktop 3-D printer! All you have to do is choose the design and the printer will make it according to your design. The next step will be designing your own gadgets, post the designs and even sell them! These things could include toys, kitchenware and decorative household items which means saying Goodbye to all the cottage industries!

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