Tax Evading Techniques Used By Europeans Can Be Relatable To Indians, Dutch Prosecutors Launch Raids

Suspects deposited money in an unidentified Swiss bank and did not disclose that to the authorities.

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In an attempt to investigate tax evasion, Dutch prosecutors have launched co-ordinated raids in several countries against suspected money launderers and tax evaders.

The Dutch office for financial crime prosecution (FIOD) said that the raids began on Thursday in France, Germany, Netherlands, UK and Australia.

The prosecutors said that they had been informed about millions of dollars of undeclared assets linked to about 55000 suspect accounts in an anonymous Swiss bank, reports BBC.

Suspects deposited money in an unidentified Swiss bank and did not disclose that to the authorities, said the prosecutors in a statement, as per reports stated by The Guardian. “We are investigating dozens of people who are suspected of tax fraud and money laundering”, said the prosecutors in the statement.

The investigators said that they have seized administrative records as well as the contents of bank accounts, expensive paintings, a gold bar, luxury cars and jewellery from the houses in the Hague, Zwolle, Hoofddorp and the municipality of Venlo in Netherlands.

Two people were detained for investigation, one in Hague and the other in Hoofddorp. However, they both were not identified.

The country’s FIOD spokeswoman Wietske Vissers said, “The investigation would continue for days and weeks across the various countries.” The Netherlands is investigating 3,800 Dutch leads.

Information source: Guardian and BBC

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