Tata Tales and more! CEOs Who Came Back As (Supposed) Saviors For Their Company

But not all of succeeded in their second term

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Corporate India was taken aback with the sudden removal of Cyrus Mistry as the CEO of Tata Sons. The board of Tata Sons came to a decision to get back Ratan Tata for as long as the company finds its new CEO. Tata, essaying the role of savior will now return as the CEO to save the company which bears his name.

Source: indianexpress

Well, this scenario is no fresh news for the corporate industries. Here we list for you other CEOs who returned to save their companies.

Infosys - N R Narayan Murthy

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N R Narayan Murthy co-founded Infosys in 1981 and acted as a CEO from 1981-2000. He stepped down in 2011 from the board only to return back in 2013. In his second innings, NRN brought Rohan Murthy along as executive assistance to help him resolve the myriad problems and issues of the company. He ensured smooth transition to Vishal Sikka who is now running Infosys with renewed vigor and vision.

Apple - Steve Jobs

Source: merinews

Steve Jobs along with Steve Wozniak created Apple Computers in 1976 and incorporated it in 1977. Jobs however was ousted from the company in 1985 only to return in 1996 when his company NeXT was bought by Apple. In his second innings, he developed new corporate philosophy, made Apple a leader in innovative design and brought it back to top in corporate charts.

Google - Larry Page

Source: inc42

In 1998, Brin and Page incorporated Google and Page appointed himself as CEO of Google. In 2001 however, Page stepped down as CEO and recruited a more experienced Eric Schmidt to build a ‘world class management team’. Later Larry restored the power as CEO in 2011 when Eric Schmidt stepped down from the post joking tweeting "Adult-supervision no longer needed."

Yahoo! - Jerry Yang

Source: wikimedia

Jerry Yang co-founded Yahoo in 1994 when he acted as CEO till they received funding and appointed Tim Koogle and later Terry Semel for the post. They did well until the dot-com bubble crash and subsequent rise of Google when Yang was appointed as interim CEO to stabilize the ship between 2007 and 2009. He later left the company in 2012 to found a VC firm.

Twitter - Jack Dorsey

Source: knowstartup

Internet entrepreneur Jack Dorsey co-founded Twitter and Square Inc. and took over as the CEO of the start-up. However, he reportedly lost his position as he mingled his work with other pleasure pursuits like yoga and fashion designing. Dorsey was later replaced with Williams and Costolo. Further in 2015, Costolo announced his resignation on July 1, 2015 and Dorsey was re-appointed as CEO on October 5, 2015.

Starbucks - Howard Schultz

Source: edwarddentzel

Schultz renamed his ll Giornale with Starbucks as the original Starbucks sold its retail unit to him. However after stepping down Schultz regained his position as the CEO of Starbucks on January 8, 2008 and expanded the company rapidly.

Dell - Michael Dell

Source: japantimes

Aged 27 Michael Dell became the youngest CEO of the magnanimous Dell Company. On March 4, 2004 however Dell stepped down from the post only to regain it back on January 31, 2007 on the request of the board Dell to succeed Kevin Rollins as the CEO.

Reddit - Steve Huffman

Source: sfchronicle

Huffman after college teamed up with classmate Alexis Ohanian to start Reddit. Huffman in 2014 admitted that his decision to sell Reddit was wrong and on July 10, 2015 he was appointed as the CEO after Ellen Pao.

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