Taharrush Jamai: The Practice Of Public Sexual Assault Of Women

There is a public practice that allows men to grope, assault and even rape women. It is called Taharrush Jamai, where Taharrush in Egypt means harassment.

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Does the image on top make you uncomfortable?

It should.

You should know that there is a public practice that allows men to grope, assault and even rape women. It is called Taharrush Jamai, where Taharrush in Egypt means harassment and sexual harassment is Taharrush Jinsi (تحرش جنسي), a term in use since at least the 1950s, according to many political scientists. Over the years, many terminologies have evolved with the same meaning, the most popular one known as the Taharrush Jamai.

Now, let us know more about it.

1. It is a type of a group sexual assault or a gang rape where a large group of people commit sexual assault under the protection provided by large gatherings.

2. The first recorded act was in Cairo during Egyptian constitutional referendum on 25 May 2005. Women demonstrators were sexually assaulted by a group of men in hundreds.

Source: IndianGossip

3. The practice caught the attention of the world in February 2011 when an American journalist, Lara Logan, was sexually assaulted for 30 minutes by around 200 men in Tahrir Square before being rescued by a group of Egyptian women and soldiers.

Source: WomenPla

4. These acts were reported in Germany as well during this past New Year’s Eve celebrations.  The local authorities claimed that this was all done by Middle Eastern refugees.

Source: TheIndianGossip

5. The barbaric act is performed by forming three circles of hundreds of men. The innermost circle consists of men who actually indulge in the debauchery by groping and molesting women. The men in the middle circle try to push men in the inner circle for their turns to further assault the victim. The outer circle of men ensures that ‘disturbance’ and ‘disruption’ to the inner circles is minimal.

Source: TheIndianGossip

6. The practice has been in prevalence since the better part of the last decade but only recently came to the light owing to the efforts of world media.

Let us hope that this barbaric and inhuman act of sadism comes to an end soon.

Title image: WomenPlanet

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