Further Proof That MSG Has The Greatest Social Media Team In The Galaxy

Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim's new film, Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawaab, hits cinemas soon.

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You do know that Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim is coming out with another film, Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawaab, based on the surgical strikes that took place last year. How could you not? Still, for good measure, here's the trailer:

We wish the Goddess Saraswati, or better, Lionheart himself, had gifted us enough to put our emotions about this trailer into words. But well.

The cherry on top is the latest song that has been released, 'System Hil Gaya'. And there is so much aesthetic creativity in it, that words fail us. Watch it for yourself. 

Because videos trending on YouTube are for peasants, MSG's social media team is working hard to promote the film on multiple platforms. Take his Twitter handle for instance.

The golden rule of social media marketing is to use alliteration in your tweets.

Always. Rhyme. 

Insights, of course, refer to the mellow neon-bubblegum aesthetic that MSG has deigned to consider for this poster.

Never forget to give your audiences diverse offerings.

Keep them engaged.

And here are the "Velfies":

Aww... so cute and not creepy at all!

Basketballs are for basics. Hence, Exercise Balls!

Wish everybody had a mother like this!

Are you even real sisters if you don't have a routine choreographed to the latest MSG song??

And finally, the dadiji who comes with her own VFX:

I'll have what she's having.

Well done, team!

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