5 Sweet Delicacies You Should Definitely Binge On, This Winter!

Brace yourself as winter is here and so are sweet delicacies.

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It’s that time of the year where you just love spending time under the cosy blanket with a hot cup of coffee in your hand. While the cold winds have already started hitting hard, the time has come to tickle your taste buds with scrumptious sweet delicacies.

Gajar Ka Halwa:

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Step into any vegetable market and you shall be welcomed with a bright orange coloured veggie tied together in a bunch. As you get fresh carrots available in abundance, you should definitely treat yourself to a hot bowl of gajar ka halwa.

Til Ka Ladoo:

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Til also known as sesame act as a protecting sheath on your body; the heavenly taste of roasted sesame with jaggery keeps your body warm. Go on and savour every bit of it.

Gondh Ka Ladoo:

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We all are brought with the notion that Gondh Ka Ladoo is perpetually the food only for pregnant women and new mothers. Well, this is not the case actually! Blended with the mixture of dry fruits, try not to keep yourself away from these sweet tempting balls.


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Belonging to the same family of Til ke ladoo, Gajak is slightly a revamped version made with til and jaggery. This flattened, flaky gajaks are just too awesome to devour for.

Moong Ka Halwa:

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What can be more amazing than a bowl of moong halwa in winters? Gallops of ghee blended with sugar and nuts, the outstanding richness and nutrients make this halwa the best thing to binge on.

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