Sweden Lists The Entire Country On AirBnB To Promote ‘Freedom To Roam’

The listing is an effort to promote the country’s ‘freedom to roam’ principle or ‘allemansrätten.’

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Sweden has turned its entire country into a listing, a brand new listing that promises features such as 100 million acres of land and 100 thousand tempered infinity pools, on the online marketplace and hospitality service - AirBnB.

This extraordinary move is a collaboration between AirBnB and VisitSweden. The listing is an effort to promote the country’s ‘freedom to roam’ principle or ‘allemansrätten,’ which is a constitutional right that allows anyone living in or visiting the country to move freely in nature, walking, sleeping and enjoying recreational activities on any land or in any area, with the exception of private gardens and nature reserves.

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“This right enables the Swedish people to experience nature and enjoy the beautiful Swedish wildlife,” said Jenny Kaiser of the tourist board VisitSweden.

The idea which is protected by Swedish law follows that the people from the country or who visit the country, don't need to book any accommodation. They can just grab a tent and freely access any of the publicly owned lands, except for the private gardens and lands under cultivation.

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“Swedish nature isn’t just a piece of land with trees and lakes and cliffs - it’s a home with all the necessities and amenities that any great home should have,” reads the listing. “It’s a place where you can eat berries from the ground, sleep under the stars, swim in the lakes and roam freely.”

There are a number of specific locations that are mentioned on the website including a Rocky Island located in the Stockholm Archipelago and a Rustic Forest Retreat situated in a historic and mysterious forest in western Varmland.

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The site also says that everything is available 365 days a year, accommodates everyone, has unlimited beds, and check-in of ‘whenever.’

If you still don’t believe, just take a look at this video:

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